About Us

Based in Stockholm, Sweden the ISSS (Institute of Swedish Safety & Security), was founded in 2010 by individuals committed to working towards a peaceful, safe and secure environment. The board members have significant risk management and crisis preparedness experience from their diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to, security risk management, law enforcement, intelligence, military and authorities. The ISSS provides both research and an advisory capacity in risk management and crisis preparedness to stimulate sustainable living, resilience and ensure the well-being of communities. The mandate aims to bring awareness to lead to the development of enhanced processes to ensure the integrity of critical and second tier assets. ISSS goal is to ensure preparedness in event of natural, man-made crisis, disasters or act of terrorism through risk analysis and mitigation. In a move towards resilience, through preparedness, ISSS strive to reduce ripple effects from global events – helping communities become safer and more secure in the future.

The ISSS can provide a primary source of accurate, objective information on international strategic issues diplomats, foreign affairs analysts, international business, economists, journalists, academics and the informed public.

The Institute is independent, having no political bias. The ISSS stresses rigorous research with innovative forward-looking policy orientation and places particular emphasis on bringing new perspectives to strategic discussions.

The ISSS board, employees and members come from many countries. Its work is based on an understanding of global, political, economic and social issues that can create instability as well as factors that may lead to international cooperation through transnational strategies.

“ISSS delivering innovative risk management – Creating peace of mind in un-certain times”