ISSS asked the following question:

“Do you think that Emergency Preparedness in America is necessary?”

There are numerous reasons why each American should have an emergency preparedness kit and supplies.  America has accumulated over $17.4 Trillion in debt that it cannot repay, unemployment is at approximately 7.8% and American industrial sector has significantly slowed down. America’s stock market bubble keeps inflating while there is dramatic sell offs in the market. There are over 47,000,000 receiving Food Stamps because they do not make enough money to support their families. President Obama had instituted the Affordable Care Act requiring all Americans to partake in the government medical insurance plan which means many people will have to unwillingly find another personal care physician and another medical clinic and failure to do so will result in a heavy fine. American banks are leveraged 32-1 in 1929 before the Stock Market Crash banks were leverage 30-1. Numerous countries in the last few weeks had devalued there currency by 40% these countries are Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Malaysia, Turkey, Ukraine, Japan. By no mistake China has announced recently that they want to replace the U.S Dollar with the Chinese Yuan and numerous countries had already dumped the dollar and began trading with China utilizing the Chinese Yuan. The greatest threat that is coming to this world is that the financial system is collapsing and it will hit America the hardest.

America’s financial system is very frail it would not take much to push America over a cliff. With the devalued currency of Central America and Brazil and Venezuela those countries will not be able to pay America the money that is owed to them nor will they be able to purchase goods from America which in turn will hurt the American economy which in turn can cause big companies like Wal-Mart to lay people off. With the Affordable Care Act companies cannot afford to hire more workers, and more people will get laid off. With America’s economy stagnating it hurts the European markets because America cannot buy European products and therefore there is no money velocity to keep the economies growing.

There are 7 members in my family, my wonderful wife and 5 teenagers and each one of them have backpacks and survival gear inside each pack. Our food storage consists of several groups of food starting with fruit, meat, potatoes, rice, beans, and vegetables.  We also have dehydrated food as well which by itself could last several months. About 75% of my food storage is canned foods, my family enjoys cans foods such as a can of peaches because it has its natural juices which is high in vitamin C and carbohydrates. Some of the other canned foods that we have is tuna and canned hams, my family likes a well-balanced diet of high protein and carbs, fats, and starches. Each one of my family member’s backpacks have first aid kits, extra clothes and 3 days’ worth of food. Other gear that we have is extra blankets, flashlights, camping stoves, sterno cans for fire and lanterns with kerosene and extra wood to make a fire. Each member of my family is not allowed to throw away old shoes because when times get tough I might not be able to afford to buy new shoes for my children. My family and I do have some firearms and ammunition in order to protect ourselves from looters or those that are scavenging for food and supplies.