The constant change in global events present an increasing challenge to authorities and agencies responsible for managing crisis locally, regionally and nationally. As the dynamics change across the globe, so does the need to updatearrow-10x10-8955789arrow-10x10-8955789 mitigation of risks to ensure the integrity of crisis preparedness plans.

There is an increasing need to provide innovative thinking, based on experience and knowledge of crisis scenarios, to strengthen crisis preparedness planning. ISSS offer support to government agencies, local and regional authorities to assist in the development of preparedness solutions to meetarrow-10x10-8955789 mandates, directives and objectives.

ISSS Board Members have worked in safety, security, communications, energy, bio-fuel, food & water security and local economy sectors mitigating risks, in a drive towards resilience through sustainability.

To find out more about the ISSS and how we can assist your organization with RSA and Crisis Preparedness & Management, contact us here for further informationarrow-10x10-8955789.