As the global economic system remains both fragile and fractured, we look at the potential benefits of ‘local complimentary currencies’ as their growth spans the globe in a number of different models and guises.

Is there an alternative method of anchoring such currencies providing sustainable stability in the event of further economic downturn or even depression? Have those currencies, implemented today, lacked foresight or are their objectives and goals simply less?

In the spring 2013, the ISSS commenced two alternative / complimentary currency projects:

Feasibility Study for a Local Complimentary Currency in Upplandsbygd

 Study of existing currency models, local communities and local authority perspectives and asked the question “How to build and implement a successful local complimentary currency in rural Sweden and could it provide resilience in a rapidly changing world”?

ITK Minutos

The launch of a pilot case in Sigtuna kommun for a new model which originated from Germany  not requiring any administrative effort:  The term “Minuto Cash” is based on the possibility that anyone can publish their own paper money. Minutos, used in the same way as cash, is a truly decentralized payment solution.