EU Directives call for both awareness and preparedness for the protection of national critical assets. Ultimately, the preparation and management falls on local authorities. Although the EU provide assistance in specific areas of critical asset protection, for example air and maritime  security, many areas including communications, water, electricity and transportation may not be sufficiently supported and, therefore, can present a significant level of local responsibility and resources to achieve an effective risk management process and crisis management strategy.

ISSS have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both Risk Management and Crisis Preparedness and Management. The institute provides three levels of assistance to local authorities and government organisations centred on critical asset protection:

1. ‘Health Check’

Review your organisations current risk and crisis management processes, preparedness, and produce a definitive report and objective recommendations. ISSS use a combination of EU, national metrics and bespoke Matrix tool to ensure the Health Check is effective and efficient way of analysing preventative control measures, mitigation and preparedness procedures.

2. Program Definition Report

Define the scope of work required to implement both a Risk Management process and a Crisis Management plan meeting EU, national directives and standards, irrespective of whether a program has commenced or not.

3. Corporate & Organization Social Responsibility Seminars and Workshops

“Understanding where you are today is critical in planning your route to meet your objectives”

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