InSlide Lockdown

InSlide Lockdown

The government acknowledges the risk of school shootings. The mandated government agency for Swedish Civil Contingencies rated the risk of school shootings in Sweden at #7. Skolverket are working together with MSB to create a brochure talking about school shootings.

However, school children in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are still at vunerable from the risk of school shootings. Finland and Norway have experienced tragic shootings during the last decade.

At last, ISSS discovered an awesome solution to enable rapid, keyless lockdown. Designed by a teacher living in the USA, the InSlide  Lockdown solution enables teachers and staff to lockdown school classrooms, offices and facilities in seconds – where seconds matter. Completing a rapid lockdown procedure creates an instant protective layer between a threat (attacker or intruder) and children, teachers and staff. This creates critical time delay giving vital additional minutes for police and first responders to arrive and respond to the incident.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, ISSS took a proactive step by signing an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with InSlide Lockdown for tthe Swedish, Norwegian and European countries including the United Kingdom.

“Seconds Save Lives”

ISSS has already committed to implementing the first InSlide Lockdown device in two schools in the United Kingdom, where the risk of school shootings are widely acknowledged.

“It is every child’s right to be safe in the school environment. We aim to give every school the opportunity to take responsibility for the safety of school children in their care” says Chairman of the Board of Members – ISSS, Philip Wayer “This is an affordable, innovative and quality solution. It will be made available through nationwide suppliers of security solutions. ISSS can provide information on local suppliers to any school or municipality interested in this solution”.

“Don’t wait until it’s too late”