School-Phase-3 Pilot Project


ISSS, the Institute of Swedish Safety & Security, was established in 2010. ISSS strives to stimulate awareness and deliver innovative, best practise, projects in the area of risk management and crisis preparedness, helping to ensure the safety, security and well-being of people in Sweden in everyday life and during times of emergency, crisis or disasters. ISSS work within government authority, corporate and local community sectors.

This project is seen as an essential step to mitigate the threat of school shootings. This threat has been recognised as one of the worst  (currently #7of 27 on the MSB National Identified Risk Register) potential incidents that could occur in Sweden. In a rapidly changing world, global trends cause ripple effects in other nations, through social media, internet and international news, the potential risk increases in parallel with behavioural pattern changes in the younger generation. The nation has one of the highest civilian gun ownership percentages in Europe, and whilst the legislation for firearms ownership is in general both robust and effective, acquisition of firearms by unauthorised persons, without authority, should not be over-looked.


Within the scope of the ISSS Risk Management & Crisis Preparedness Program, a two year project was implemented and completed for the safety, security and well-being of children, teachers and staff in local schools, through research, risk assessment, analysis and reports. ISSS identified several areas of concern including crisis management planning and post-incident capacity and capability to manage trauma and communication –  with particular reference to ‘targeted violence’ including assault with offensive weapons and school shootings. Additionally, the project exposed a significant (40%) lack of essential procedures and policies to ensure the safety, security and well-being of children, teachers and staff, within the school, with respect to ‘Best Practice’ and directives across other EU  countries.


1. Threat Reduction and Crisis Preparedness for School Shootings

2. The main objectives for the pilot-project for teachers, staff and applicable stakeholders are:

     Develop awareness

     Implement procedures

     Deliver education & training program

3.  Create framework for Threat Reduction, Crisis Preparedness and Post-Incident Response


ISSS will manage the project implementation in accordance and compliance with Prince2 project management methodology and ISO 21500 standard with the risk management element being delivered in compliance with the ISO 31000:2009 standard.


There is currently insufficient awareness for this type of threat within schools and universities. The  ISSS ‘Safety & Security in Schools’ program identified a reluctance by schools to accept the potential of higher threat incidents occurring within schools and the community, due to the sensitive and un-common nature of the threat. Although the perception of risk by schools is low, it is seen as essential to address this level of threat in the immediate future to avoid an un-prepared school environment, exposed and vulnerable. The ISSS propose that this project is formalised and commenced during Q1-2/2014.