ISSS deliver a comprehensive range of solutions. We engage with key personnel to bring awareness and understanding of risk, it’s effective managementarrow-10x10-7963931 and to create a robust and resilient platform. Our workshops help managerial teams to view risk in multi-dimensional perspective. Our teams bring innovative solutions to strategic, financial and operational risk grounded through sustainable resources. ISSS ‘connect the dots’. We believe it is essential for organisations, and business, too see risk with clarity to meet their ‘duty of care’ and responsibility needs.


ISSS offer ‘Resilience Testing’ to ensure preparedness for the potential challenges ahead. Table-top and practical exercises provide scenario based events to be delivered, assessed and reviewed with your personnel. Subsequent workshops provide the opportunity to develop and strengthen capacity and capability within your organization.

Our team have successfully delivered solutions to the United Nations, government agencies, financialarrow-10x10-7963931 sector, utilities, corporations and NGO’s across several continents.

‘ISSS creating peace of mind in uncertain times’