Global trends have shown an increase in risks to school children world-wide. Sweden is no exception and faces many of the potential issues facing children in other EU countries and the trend ‘waves’ ripple steadily gaining momentum.


School Centric – Phase II

Phase I Completed: The Safety & Security Risk Assessment Report was completed and delivered 13th November 2012 to a school in Heby Kommun. The conclusions and recommendations in the report are a significant indicator that action isrequired to ensure the welfare of children in schools across the nation

ISSS introduced the first  “Safety & Security Rating” for schools in Sweden on the 1st November 2012. Based on risk analysis, the schools approach to safety & security and the outstanding risks requiring mitigation the ‘ISSS Safety & Security Rating provides parents with a basis to measure their childs welfare whilst at school.

Phase II of this project focuses on a regional and national project to bring awareness, knowledgearrow-10x10-9989992 and systems to schools for the recognition and implementation of procedures to ensure the safety and securityof children within the environment  of schools. Using the project pilot case, completed in Phase I,

Through the provision of the deliverables and support in capacity building within the chosen pilot case school, the project aims to reduce risks to children, teachers and staff. The project methodology and deliverables should be replicable nationally.